To the one who deserves it

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There are no words of mine that can quiet your mind

A mistake has made me unkind

So flawlessly she loves this weak heart of mine

Destroyed by guiltless predators casting dark shadows on what Love feels like

A child like endeavor for Love is the last of my light

It’s the last remnant of innocence that I hide

Fiercely I protect it, even from those who wish to embrace its embers

There has only been one that has truly fueled it

The beautiful soul that bears the darkest side of my pain

Will my darkness destroy her or will…

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Unfamiliar complications

Not willing to breed

Cost of living is making us bleed

Held accountable to your deeds

Inheriting your ways is no simple feat

How do you expect us to proceed?

When our future is looking bleak

Shut your privileged speech

And put yourself in my feet

You get to grow old near a beach

While I am stuck living on the street

I’m starting to wonder what you even teach

All I hear are your empty words when you preach

Help me build something we can all reach

Instead of plaguing us with your insensitive greed

The world…

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Fuck this life

Not surprised by the ache inside

Empath till the day I die

Life beats me down, but I don’t cry

I survive because I understand what life is like

Friends don’t now how much I try to fill the holes that ache inside

Yes, I am angry when you can’t reply

No response, don’t need me at this time

I’m tired of making you feel alright

Because your brain can’t act right

I understand your illness better than you sometimes

I guess I’m only good when days aren’t bright

Drinking is the only thing that makes you…

It’s the dawning of a warrior you thought you could beat…

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

I’m the devil walking the streets

Who let her loose, surely that’s a demon you see

Look how wrong it looks strutin my streets

She corrupts everyone and dares them to believe

In something bigger than what society can perceive

While you spout perceptions of unbelief

I’m busy working against your greed

and caring about the blood that they bleed

Stop thinking I care what you think

I’m the one who keeps fighting for life to be free

Destroying me won’t solve the crime you conceived

Empathy drives the…

Photo by Randy Colas on Unsplash

Hugs make me uncomfortable, but the right ones make my feelings matter

Maybe if I smile a little more, you won’t be scared of my anger

Do you know what you’re seeing, I doubt you know how to answer

Daily news has us captured, fighting back seems like an unlikely answer

Everybody is using

Justice is lacking

Leaders corrupting

Kids dying

Mommas’ crying

Men fighting

Moral compass lying

Earth is cracking

How many can say they know laughter, I doubt you know how to answer

Creator and Destroyer of all things that matter, who do you think that is?


Darkness is the nothing I survived

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Lonely nights and I still think of you

Those moments when things felt new

Your hand in mine, low lights, eyes blue

Tormented by the sight of you, you and I

Together at last, shaking our past, we found light

You were so bright

Oh baby, those were the nights

When you were mine

Now we’ve lost that fight, trying to make things right

I made you think twice about the feelings that I hide

Troubled by my silence

Nothing can survive in the doubt of my darkness

My soul revealed cracks that were…

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

You were a lion in disguise

I was a noble steed

Together, the world felt right

The silent nights

Swallowed by our lovely sight

The world was ours and you were mine

Embraced by the soul

I let go of what I couldn’t control

Secrets told

I never felt more sure

The bond we carried

Was undoubtedly pure

Bound by battles

Abandoned by blood

Alike we seem

But different we believe

The sun you see

The moon I seek

Dark and light

Is the balance of life

The sturdy Lion protects the noble Steed

This pain of life will never…

Rebecca Torres

Studying humanity to gain a better understanding of life and what it means to be human. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” -Socrates

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